Book Review: the Murder of Jesus

By Derek

This is a great resource to better understand the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with a historical approach to the account that the gospels do not speak on completely. Now I’m not saying that this is equal with Scripture, but this is an examination of what Scripture teaches and inform all of us what the biblical account would look like. It takes us into the shoes of a 1st century Jew and gives us a full account of what takes place through crucifixion. The thing that is great is that MacArthur doesn’t make this a history book without bringing our sinfulness to the forefront. His account will help us to either come to a greater love of what Christ has done, a realization of what He did, or solidify a hard heart towards Jesus Christ and our needing of a Savior. After this reading this book, if you are not a true believer of the Lord Jesus Christ you will have no excuse because the gospel is clear through this resource. Repentance and joy should flow from reading this.

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