Q&A with Andrew Case, Author of Water of the Word (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted the first part of a recent Q&A I did with Andrew Case, author of Water of the Word.

HR:You’ve gone on to write two additional books of prayers, why don’t you take a minute to explain what each of your works is about and how they have been received.

AC:Honestly, the other two books are just versions of Water of the Word that have been tweaked. In other words, Prayers of an Excellent Wife is more or less the same prayers, but with the pronouns changed around for wives to pray Scripture for their husbands. It has a different preface, a prettier cover, and new endorsements, but that’s about it. Setting Their Hope in GOD is the same way—just turned into a book for parents to pray the Bible for their children.

Prayers of an Excellent Wife has probably been received with the most enthusiasm, which I think has to do with the fact that women in the church tend to out-pray men. Women seem to be more interested and diligent in prayer in general (May the LORD deal with us men, be it ever so severely, if we don’t endeavor to change this!). My hope is that this indicting imbalance will soon change as men realize that true leadership and strength come from above to the one who is humble and contrite in spirit, who pleads with Yahweh as one utterly dependent on grace.

Setting Their Hope in GOD will be coming out at the end of March, Lord-willing.

Overall, I’ve had many positive, encouraging responses from across the nation. The books resonate with anyone who loves the Bible. It’s exciting to see God using it.

HR: Why did you go the self published, free pdf route for water of the word?

AC:Crossway and P&R turned me down during my first 1.5 years of trying to get a publisher. I didn’t really have time to be writing anymore proposals, so I gave it a rest. Then I discovered CreateSpace, which was completely free as long as you design everything yourself. I’m a creative designer at heart, so I jumped on it. It was providential, because I have more control over the material—I can give away the PDF for free, and make the paperback available for under $5 through my website. If a publisher had taken it, it probably would be $15, and no free PDF.

HR:What are your plans for the future? Any more books in the works?

I’m headed to the foreign mission field. I’d like to go to an unreached people group in Latin America and translate the Bible. As for books, Prayers of an Excellent Wife and Water of the Word in Spanish are on the way.

HR: What books and Music have you found helpful to you as you’ve written your own music and books and why?

AC:Wow, that’s a tough question to answer briefly. I’d have to say that John Piper and Mike Mason have been the two living authors who have influenced me the most. I’m about as thoroughly Piperian as you can get, and I’m not ashamed of that in the least. I still haven’t met anyone who has read and listened to more Piper than I have. This may be because I credit his writing as the primary means through which I was converted in college. He taught me how to read and love and write about the Bible. He’s an accomplished wordsmith, so I’m definitely indebted to his influence in my writing.

Honestly, though, these books have almost none of my writing in them, since they’re almost purely Scripture. When I was converted the joy of praying the Bible was not something I learned from a book or person. It just seemed like the natural, logical thing to do. Then I found out later down the road that many people don’t pray Scripture, and that many books have touched on the subject throughout the years.

Since you asked specifically about books helping me write (as opposed to theological development), I’d have to give a massive amount of credit to L.M. Montgomery. She is my favorite fiction author, and I like her writing better than Jane Austen’s. I’ve read nearly all of her published works, and her mastery of the beauty of the English language has had a tremendous impact on me. Many of my song lyrics are especially due to her influence.

Both theologically and literarily, Jonathan Edwards is another very crucial, significant mentor. I still list Religious Affections as the most important book that I’ve ever read. He demonstrates how to write with scalpel-language that cuts to the heart, and how to use words to stir the souls of the readers. I must also mention Charles Spurgeon. His Lectures to My Students still is one of my most beloved, vital books. The sheer literary beauty and excellence alone are staggering. I think his mastery of language may be unsurpassed by anyone in the sermonic category.

With music the answer is simple. I have two primary heroes: Shane & Shane, and Watermark. My music unapologetically sounds like a mix of those dear, dear people.

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