Q&A with Andrew Case, author of Water of the Word (Part 1)

Let me introduce Andrew Case to you. Andrew is a Musician and Author of a number of books. One of his books, Water of the Word, has blessed me tremendously. I wanted to highlight his work and asked him for an interview which he graciously agreed to. Starting today and finishing this Wednesday, I’ll be posting that interview.

HR: So you’ve written two books of prayers. How did you decide to write a book in the first place? And why books of prayers?
AC: The first book, Water of the Word, came about very naturally (and supernaturally as regards meticulous providence!). I didn’t really sit down one night and decide that I was going to write a book of prayers. It was a slow, organic process. To make a long story short, when I was just out of college, I came up with an idea. Having a penchant for the romantic side of things, I bought one of those pretty cranberry, filigree ESV compact Bibles and began spending an hour every Thursday praying through Scripture for her. When I prayed, I used that Bible and highlighted the passages that I chose to turn into prayer for my future wife. I thought this would be a good gift to be able to give her whenever she came along, to show her what I had been praying for her even before we met. This I did for a while, until I had gone through two Bibles. Then it got to the point where I realized that it would be easier if I started writing down these prayers so that I didn’t have to reword the verses in my head every time.

One day a friend told me that he had been struggling to pray for and with his wife consistently. I wanted to help. So I thought, If I compile these prayers that I’ve been writing, he might be able to use them, and hopefully gain some benefit. The number of prayers kept growing and growing, and when some other friends were about to be married, I thought that if I put the prayers in the form of a booklet like The Valley of Vision, it would make a practical, meaningful wedding gift. That’s more or less how the book version got started.

Probably the main driving force to publish it has been the delight it brings every time I use it. Since it’s almost pure Scripture, it sweetens your prayers more than honey to the taste (Ps 119:103). Every time I would use it I would think, Wow, more people need to have the chance to savor and enjoy the Word like this in prayer!

HR: You’ve written a book for married men to help them pray for their wives better, but you aren’t even married. How does that work? How did you go about writing the prayers?
AC:I’ll give the not-so-spiritual answer first, because it was probably the first seed that started this book. I was in love with a girl. She didn’t know. It’s a fairly long story. She was godly in many ways, but I desperately wanted her to grow in her knowledge of and love for the Bible. It’s hard for me to imagine marrying someone who isn’t oozing with Bible, a woman who doesn’t want to be like the man in Psalm 1:2. And I know such people are only miracles of grace. So I began to ask God for that grace in her life. Soon thereafter I changed the specific aim of my prayers to my wife, so that I wouldn’t presume upon God’s will. I didn’t know if He would give that particular girl to me as a bride, so I was content to pray for my wife, whoever she would be. As it turns out, He gave her to someone else.

The second answer to your question would be as follows: I believe that, if I’m to be married someday, God has already ordained from before the foundations of the earth who my wife will be. I can pray with confidence because I know that He knows who I’m praying for even though I don’t. Also, the Bible teaches that Christ intercedes for His Bride (Heb 7:25, Rom 8:34), even before she meets Him face to face (I Pet 1:8; Rev 22:4). Since His elect are the Bride, He is praying continually even for people who have not yet come to know Him. So if Jesus prays for His future Bride, then why shouldn’t I? If I want to show Christ to the world and follow His perfect example, one of the inevitable conclusions is that I should pray for my future wife. I think this is obedience to Ephesians 5:25 for the single man. It’s definitely not always easy. But I think every man who wishes to be married should diligently pursue such prayer. It’s glorifying to Christ. It’s sanctifying for the soul. It’s romantic. And it’s certainly a better use of your energy than moping around.

God has used some other means—big and small factors in my life—to bring about this joyful discipline. For example, I’ve learned through watching numerous friends and acquaintances through college and post college, that falling away and proving oneself to be an unbeliever happens all too often. There have also been many who have settled comfortably into mediocrity. Perseverance on the narrow road is a miracle of grace. I don’t want “the cares of the world and the deceitfulness of riches and the desires for other things” to enter in and choke the Word in my wife before or after I meet her (Mark 4:19). God must keep her in the love of Christ (Jude 1:1), and I am confident that He uses prayer as a means to that end. I am keenly aware of the propensity within my own heart that Robert Robinson described in song: “Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it—prone to leave the God I love.” Why not pray for her, as I pray for myself, that He would bind her wandering heart to Himself?

Also, I hope that when married men see a single man praying diligently for a wife who may not even exist (God certainly doesn’t owe me one)—that a guy actually wrote an entire book of prayers for her—I hope that they’ll be chastened and admonished to an extent. That may be a good guilt that some men need to feel—a guilt that may lead to repentance and redoubled efforts toward the delightful discipline of intercession for their bride. Besides, the Apostle Paul wasn’t married, but that didn’t stop him from giving biblical advice and admonishment to those who were married. At the end of the day I really just want to help and edify the Body of Christ as much as I can. And these books are a small way God has gifted me to serve my brothers and sisters.

HR: Tell me about hismagnificence.com, your website, what can we find there?

AC: I write a lot of songs and record them. About 60 of those are free to download there. If you like mostly-acoustic, Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting, God-centered music, check it out. If you’re not sure what to listen to first, start with the album titled He Is Your Life. Some of my favorite songs are “He Is Your Life”, “Garments of Salvation”, “To Know Your Beauty”, and “The Law of the Lord.” All three books are free to download there as well.

Tune in for more tomorrow.

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