Book Review: Valley of Vision

By Derek

Pick this up, pick this up, pick this up. I can’t recommend this book enough. For followers of Jesus Christ prayer is an absolute necessity. This is a book filled with the prayers of Puritan that loved to pour out there heart before God and show their commitment to Jesus Christ. Many of us do not know how to pray, what to pray, or why to pray, and this book will give you a glimpse into the hearts of men who we stand on their shoulders in the faith. Meditate on the truths of the words written and remember that they are men like us and wanted to show God affection through how they spoke about Him through prayers and supplications. Pick up this book and read it daily as a devotional (5 minutes everyday).

Click here to get it in paperback.

Click here to get it in a nice leather edition.

Click here to have max Mclean read it to you.

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