Reflection on Shepherd’s 2010 (part 2)

The second thing that impressed me so much about Shepherds’ 2010 was the pastoral love that I saw in John MacArthur. I guess I just forget that the man is the pastor. I mean my primary interaction with him has been with Grace to You Cds and reading his works on Lordship. I was blown away by his expressed care for his flock and the larger flock of Christ worldwide. Take a look at this porition of his Q&A with Rick Holland and listen to his care for the flock.

Additionally, He spent the entire last season walking us through Mark 5 to show how Jesus was a sympathetic shepherd and we should be too. Here are the ways Christ was sympathetic in Mark 5:

1. He is Accessible (vv. 21-23)

2. He was Available (v. 24ff)

3. He was Interruptible (vv. 25-29)

4. He was Intentional (v. 30)

5. He was Imperturbable (vv. 36-40)

6. He is Charitable (vv. 41-43)

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