Reflections on Shepherds’ 2010 (part 1)

Here are a few of my thoughts on last week’s Shepherds’ Conference. I’ll start with Steve Lawson’s sermon on Job. Man, was it Powerful. Here is a little bit of it.

Here a few stand alone quotes that I scribbled down in my notebook:

Before a man is used greatly, he must be broken greatly.

The devil is God’s devil.

Job will suffer not because his life is wrong but because it is right.

Lastly a most important  question to ask yourself. This question has huanted my thoughts for the last week and will most likely never leave me:

Does God think highly enough to suggest you to the devil to suffer for being righteous?

Lawson wrote a commentary on Job. His plan was to preach every chapter and use the sermons as a basis for his manuscript. He got to job three and then things feel apart.  Someone broke into the church office, took the membership mailing list and sent a letter to members of his church indicting him with believing in the sovereignty of God in salvation and asking them to vote on whether they were a Calvinist. By the time he got to Job 5, he felt it would honor God to resign.  He stepped down and spent the rest of the year writing the commentary alone in the office over his garage, unable to preach the series.  He then said, “How wise of God — if I am to write the commentary on Job that I must sit in the ashes of Job…to hurt with Job, to cry with Job.  How wise of God it is to bring adversity into your life, trials and storms and dark nights of the soul, difficulty in ministry and antagonistic elders and rebellious deacons, or a shrinking church budget…to bring all of these storms of affliction so that you and I would be broken vessels, walk with a limp, identify with the hurting people we serve. His ways are not our ways.  His ways are beyond our ways.” (christian worldview) After hearing the circumstances surrounding the writing of it I not only want to read it but highly commend it to you.Click here to get a copy of Lawson’s Old Testament Commentary on Job

to hear the whole sermon click here.

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