Free Copy of What Jesus Demands of the World By John Piper

Desiring god is giving away a pdf copy of What Jesus demands of the world by John Piper. Click here to get yours. Here is a description of the book:

The four Gospels are filled with demands straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ. These demands are Jesus’ way of showing us who he is and what he expects of us. They’re not the harsh demands of a taskmaster.

For example, the demand that we come to Jesus is like a father saying to his child in a burning window, “Jump to me!” Or a loving husband saying to an unfaithful wife, “Come home!”

What Jesus demands from the world can be summed up as, “Trust and treasure me above all.” This is good news!

In What Jesus Demands from the World, John Piper gathers many of Jesus’ commands from the Gospels. He begins with an introduction that puts them in a redemptive-historical context, then concisely examines each one. The result is an accessible introduction for thoughtful inquirers and new believers, as well as deep meditations for veteran believers.

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