D.A. Has Got Me Thinking

The below quote by D.A. Carson from For the Love of God, Volume 1 has me thinking;

We must recognize that confessing evangelicals who nominally eschew tradition sometimes embrace traditions that effectively domesticate the Word of God. These may be traditional interpretations of Scripture, or traditional ecclesiastical practices, or traditional forms of conduct that are “allowed” in our circles but that are a long way from holy Scripture. In every case, fidelity to Christ mandates reformation by the Word of God.

What Carson has me thinking of is what traditions do I and my Church and my slice of the Christian pie hold up to scriptural status, as if these things were handed down by God himself? more to the point, what traditions are we,am I holding to that are just dead wrong and opposed by God.

  1. Love Carson. Love that he helps us to think according to God and His word.

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