Love Her Redemptively

By Russ

Husbands love your wives. How?  As Christ loved the church. I think we tend to fly over that portion of Ephesians 5.But when you stop and think about what we were like when Christ died for us, we are forced to remember that we where sinners, or unrighteous, depending on your rendering of Romans 5 . When I was busy setting myself up against God he loved me in such a way as to redeem me.

And also it should be with our wives. when that beauty ball of depravity strives with you, which she is bound to do (look at the curse in gen 3 for more on that, the Hebrew word for desire there is a desire to supplant) Love her like Christ loved you. When she sins against you restore her. Present her to God without spot.

    • Ben W
    • February 5th, 2010

    Can you explain more about this “desire to supplant” ? I’m looking at Strong’s for the word used in Gen 3:16 and another Hebrew lexicon I have and I only see “longing”. Although I agree that Eve’s actions occurred because of Adam’s failure to seek the Lord, and in following exercise proper headship, I’m not sure how you get that concept out of the word “desire” if I’m understanding you right.

    • Ben, great question. I heard someone define that hebrew word in a sermon a few years ago by saying that there is an implied longing for control. I will go back and role tape and see if I’ve errored. either way I will post a follow up. I’ll also take a look at the hebrew. Thanks for keeping me honest and asking good questions. For now I’m pulling the line.

        • mike H
        • February 6th, 2010

        Hey Guys,
        The way I’ve heard it explained exegetically is that the same word is used when Yahweh is telling Cane that sin is desiring to have him.
        Gen 3:16 and 4:7. It is also used in Song of Solomon but it doesn’t make much sense that it would mean a sexual desire like in Songs because Yahweh is cursing them in Gen 3. It seems to me to make more sense in understanding it the way it is used in 4:7.

  1. Russ, thanks again for the encouraging words. We husbands need to be constantly reminded to love sacrificially our “beauty balls of depravity.”

  2. Mike H hit the nail on the head. I went back and talked with on of my elders about the word yesterday and after some digging we felt that the meaning is kinda cloudy in gen 3:16 but it is not in gen 4:17, where it is clearly the desire of sin to overtake or supplant kain. The only other usage is in song of songs. Because it is a different author writing almost 1000 years after moses. In light of that, I would allow gen 4:17 to inform us of the meaning in 3:16. Ben thanks for asking a great question.

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