No Mr. President

    • Tracy
    • January 22nd, 2010

    While I certainly agree with Piper’s sentiments & argument on abortion, I can safely say I was not one of those that “weeped with JOY” over Obama’s inauguration. His record on the matter was made clear in Illinois PRIOR to his election and anyone that voted for him would logically stand as co-conspirators for AUTHORIZING the death of millions of babies. There had to be quite a number of Christians who did vote for Obama anyway because other issues (their personal prosperity perhaps) were more pressing for them than the unborn life. The visual in the video was effective–A+ But, the holy tone voice thingy… yeah, not so much. That whole breathy thing makes me gag. If what one has to say goes to the heart, theatrics are unnecessary.

  1. I believe the purpose of what Piper was stating with the “weep with joy” comment was because Barack is our first African American president that we have had and many never thought that day would come. Regardless of the policies and him as a person, just the man’s ethnicity was a huge obstacle to overcome and that is what he was pertaining to with he comment. It was a catastrophic day in our history when God placed an African American as the figure head of our country given our recent history and yet continual struggle with minority oppression.

    • Tracy
    • January 22nd, 2010

    I’m sure the only one who could truly speak to the purpose of any one particular phrase within the video would be Mr. Piper. Certainly, it is your right to pull from it what you wish. Not that I want to drift too far from the thread at hand, but the issue you bring to the forefront begs the question: Is there some problem with Alan Keys?

    Perhaps Mr. Piper should have been more clear in his presentation which clearly targeted the issue of abortion then because he gives the impression that he didn’t know then candidate Obama’s stance at all on abortion when he includes himself in the “we” portion of those that “weep with joy” clearly showing his support and yet chastising the President for his openly held position after the fact. Did Mr. Piper do his political candidate homework or did he compromise and/or cave into church politicking and public pressure and in fact indite himself as an accomplice with his vote to the atrocities he now so vehemently decries? He can not have it both ways. He either stood in the pulpit praising Obama not knowing his stance on abortion which makes him an unreliable source for direction since he doesn’t do his homework. Or, he stood in the pulpit overlooking Obama’s support of all types of infanticide to gain social points and seeks to appear appalled now.

    As I had said, I agree with his sentiment on abortion. But, I find something just doesn’t ring true…

  2. I have read piper on Obama. He did not vote for him. I think we can celebrate of an African American and be truly happy to see that day and at the same time wish he held different policies. I believe that is what Piper is getting at. But as you noted only he can answer that.

    • Tracy
    • January 23rd, 2010

    The video was regarding the issue of abortion. If Mr. Piper did not vote for Obama (which only God and Piper really know), he gives strong evidence in his comments that he indeed supported candidate Obama publicly which most likely lead to others casting a vote for abortion–running with Piper’s line of thinking in his video of course. Now is he a goose in a new day and surprised President Obama was a supporter of killing infants? The problem Mr. Piper is having is the problem most Christian church leaders are having.

    But in all fairness, I feel far too much weight is placed on the office of the President on this issue in some regard because the President does not draft legislation. Constitutionally, President Obama has every right to hold the position he does and on those grounds I can defend his right to be wrong. From God’s perspective on the issue, the man goes his own way and not God’s on this issue. And, Piper was correct in addressing the issue, but perhaps such harsh criticism should have been placed at the feet of the Supreme Court and Congress where it belongs.

    As for celebrating an African American: Are we celebrating the color of one’s skin or the content of one’s character? And, does the fact that Obama openly supports and celebrates the right of women to turn their womb into a blender reflect on his character? And does it weigh on our African American president at all that a higher percentage of African American babies are aborted than other demographics? And again, is there some issue within the African American community that they can not support Alan Keys who from what I’ve seen is not just a mouthing Christian, but actually a very intelligent man who is not short himself on making a strong philosophical argument.

    • Kevin
    • February 15th, 2010

    I believe John Piper, from everything that I have seen him preach on, and everything that I have read from him, is using the “we” and “us” statements as a collective whole. Some of “us” (American’s) wept for joy, “we” (American’s” rejoiced. I have full (worldy) faith in John Piper that he looked into the election and candidates. I would be very surprised to find out that he either supported or endorsed the current President.

  1. January 23rd, 2010

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