I Do Not Want a Child at This Time

“In Minnesota , from 1973 to 2002, 461,026 abortions were reported. There were 14,186 in 2002. 50% on women under age 24. 79% were unmarried. 40% has had an abortion before. 60% reported that the reason for their abortion was either economic or “does not want child at this time” (http://www.mccl.org/factspage.htm).

Here’s the link between abortion and the modern secular world that began in the Garden of Eden. It’s the word “want.”I do not want the child at this time.”

I used to think that if we could persuade abortionists that the fetus was a human child, and that they were killing children, they would stop. If we could show them, like Scott Klusendorf does (http://www.str.org) that there is no morally significant difference between a one-month-old baby and a preborn baby (S.L.E.D. Not size, not level of development, not environment, not dependence), they would stop doing abortions. But I talked to two abortionists that said they knew they were killing children and that they would not stop. It was the lesser of two evils. The worse evil was denying the “want” of the mother (call it “freedom”; call it “reproductive rights”). 

So in these words—“I do not want a child at this time”—we are near the heart of the issue. At this time in American history, that is one of the most powerful sentences a person can speak: “I do not want a child at this time.” It’s powerful, because in a world without God, and without submission to his will, the will—the “want”—of a mother has become the will of a god. I say it carefully and calmly and sadly: Our modern, secular, God-dethroning culture has endowed the will (the “want”) of a mother not just with sovereignty over her child, but with something vastly greater. We have endowed her will with the right and the power to create human personhood. When God is no longer the Creator of human personhood, endowing it with dignity and rights in his own image, we must take that role for him, and we have vested it in the will of the mother. She creates personhood.

-John Piper

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