Derek’s Favorite Reads of 2009

Momentary Marriage by John Piper
John Piper laid out a thorough examination of the biblical reasoning and purpose behind marriage in accordance to God’s word with this short work. The portion of the book that encouraged our marriage and faith was when Piper looks at how marriage is NOT focused on emotional feelings BUT instead keeping covenant to another individual. This covenant is to reflect the greater covenant between Christ and His people, and the Trinity. This covenant keeping love, fellowship, and unity that was from everlasting to everlasting should be proclaimed within EVERY married couple, so WITHOUT CHRIST, we can’t reflect it.
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Future Grace by John Piper
Fighting sin by looking forward to the rewards of God being the ALL SATISFYING DESIRE of what He has promised He will BE and IS is what Future Grace speaks on. This has been the best tool in my daily fight against sin, and in rejoicing in Christ crucified daily. I will walk from the truth of scripture in Christ being the sin bearer and paying my penalty too the all satisfying treasure that awaits me in Heaven on that day when I’ll see God face to face. Think and meditate on that when fighting lust, pride, selfishness, deceit, etc. and it will surely help you to see Jesus Christ as being more valuable and desirous than any sin ever.

Overcoming Sin and Temptation by John Owen
Owen masterfully and very difficulty unpacks the definition of temptation and its’ tendency, then leads us to looks at sin and the consequences of it within the human heart. This piece is a classic work that impacted me in two specific ways. One, in identifying that I AM my own worse enemy and two, that—if I’m not serious about fighting/battling sin by the means in which God has provided—I can assure I WILL be unsuccessful when left to my own measures. I am hopeless in the battle against sin and will ultimately LOSE. I NEED the power of God, the blood of Jesus Christ, and work the Holy Spirit in this battle!


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