New Writer Intro: Derek Robinson

Derek Robinson is a soft spoken man. He is also a large man. He played college football and a little arena ball after that. This guy is big. And tough. But the Lord has made him soft in all the right places. I have benefited greatly from his well thought and lived wisdom. When I ask myself “Why did you ask Derek to join the team?” I kept coming back to his ability to fit a whole bunch of truth into a small space; This man’s Facebook and Twitter updates are theologically thick, but at the same time not cutting edge. That is comforting to me because it shows that Derek understands that God calls him to defend the things handed down not create something new. Here are some examples:

“Just finishing 2 Kings 15; only 1/16 rulers over Israel obeyed God at all in a 200 year period! Our hearts need regeneration.”

“Racial disunity in the world is broken by the blood of Christ within His church. Jesus Christ body as one magnified globally. (Eph 2:14-22)”

“Emotions can bring condemnation. Passion and zeal for YHWH is shown through faithfulness and obedience to His word. (2 Ki 10:16-17)”

The even more amazing thing is that after he logs out he goes and lives out what he writes. I’ll take that on my side any day. Welcome Derek.

    • Derek Robinson
    • December 14th, 2009

    The black man is officially blushing! Your words are quite kind and gracious. Praise God for His work and diligence throughout my unfaithfulness to Him. I’m looking forward to serving in this capacity and helping in writing.

  1. I love your intros. I hope I get to know him better, I had a great time meeting him at the meeting. Thank you for your kind words, they have touched my heart and encouraged me greatly.

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