New Writer Intro: Mike Jones

I’ve know Mike for a while now and what I enjoy about him and what drew me to him in the first place is that he has really good reasons for everything he believes. It doesn’t matter if it’s musical style, food choice or theological conviction, Mike has a good reason for what he agrees with. In addition to this he isn’t rude or belittling to you if you disagree. He is just well reasoned, calm and committed to his view. He flips your preferences with a, “have you consider…(insert thought out air tight explanation here.)” In fact much of what you have read on this blog so far began as table talk with him and his wife after church or over dinner.

In addition to this I envy him; you see he is the only committed Christian I know who has found a way to be an artist too. He loves the lord and loves art and he keeps it in that order. When so much of Christendom lacks orthodoxy and creativity and knowing which to engage in depending on the situation, Mike is a brief of fresh air. He is a graphic designer and musician and at the same time a  theologian, defender of the gospel and important part of our local fellowship.

It is because of these things and many more that I asked Mike to come on board. Welcome Mike.

  1. Ok, I definitely just got embarrassed. Thank you for your way-too-kind words. I am nothing but for Him who saved me and sanctifies me every day. But thanks for the love!

  2. I’m confused. If Mike had some kind of proverbial gold nugget ideas, why wouldn’t he post them on his own blog? Furthermore why would you ask someone else to produce an essay for you in a forum that is intended to be a an expression of one’s self to a targeted audience? Why are you farming out your expression, and how can I get in to also farming out my expression. I want in.

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