Whitehorn’s View

I recently had coffee with a good friend of mine named Marc Whitehorn. He is super sharp and well reasoned about most everything. Anyhow, we got to talking about Obama and the health care bill and my friend, Marc, had great things to say about it. Here is what he had to say:

Russ: “Hey Marc, what do you think of The Obama health plan, how do you think he is doing?”

Marc: “What did you think of cash for clunkers?”

Russ: “It seemed to go okay.”

Marc: (rolls eyes)

Russ: “What!?!”

Marc: “Cash for clunkers is a very good indicator of how health care will be handled. It was targeted at a VERY specific group of people for less than a year and the cost was underestimated by at least $1billion. What happens when they unleash a policy that will become the “norm” for all citizens in the u.s.? If the gov’t. is a landscaper, in the case of cash for clunkers they were given care of ONE tree for less than a year and couldn’t take care of it without putting in WAY more cash than they originally thought.   Now they’re going to take charge of the forest… oh, and how, again, will the plan be funded–in layman’s terms, please?

I’m thankful that President Obama is our diplomat because the U.S. really took an image/p.r. beating with the “decider.” President Obama is a much better diplomat and nations  seem to be more willing to share in the job of planet police with him. HOWEVER, his recent visit to China was telling of his willingness to ask hard questions of those leaders around the world who are ruling, um, questionably… why not ask,

  • “What happened to all the people displaced from beijing for the 2008 olympics?”
  • What exactly are you doing to help in the situation with north Korea since their missiles will be a lot closer to you than to us?”
  • “Why does amnesty int’l keep reporting about pastors and non-gov’t. church christians being persecuted, or missing?”
  • “Is it REALLY a good policy to carry out the 1 child per family edict? explain to me again what happens when contraception fails?”

I guess it’s kinda hard to do that when they are carrying the lion share of our national debt and no one wants to consider what happens should they decide we are no longer a good “investment.”

Also, how, exactly, has the $787 billion stimulus package been distributed? The unemployment rate is 9.2%, but what about those of us who didn’t qualify, or were intimidated by all the bureaucracy? Is it really true that it’s closer to 16-18% when those folks are taken into account?

Well, these are my questions. I’m ignorant of policy and politics, but things do raise my eyebrows when they don’t seem to add up.”

Russ: “I couldn’t agree more.”

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