More Gold From Pascal

Last week I posted some one liners from Pascal. Here are some more quotations from “Human Happiness,” By Baise Pascal. I found his wisdom and understanding of the human condition so helpful.

“Reason never wholly overcomes imagination, while the contrary is quite common.”

“If our condition were truly happy we should not need to divert ourselves from thinking about it.”

“What causes inconstancy is the realization that present pleasures are false, together with the failure to realize that absent pleasures are vain.”

Of true Justice. We no longer have any. If we had, we should not accept it as a rule of justice that one should follow the customs of one’s country. That is why we have found might when we could not find right.”

“Man must not be allowed to believe that he is equal to animals or to angels, nor unaware of either, but he must know both.”

“We are so presumptuous that we should like to be known all over the world, even by people who will only come when we are no more. Such is our vanity that the good opinion of half a dozen of the people around us gives us pleasure and satisfaction.”

On Contradictions. Contempt for our existence, dying for nothing hatred of our existence.”

On Contradictions. Man is naturally credulous, incredulous, timid, bold.”


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