Changes Ahead

Two big changes ahead here at humanitas remedium;

1. From one to many

Not everything is finalized but what i can say is that H.R. will be moving from my personal blog to a team effort around the same subject matter.I found that the one element I was missing in being the only writer was the dialogue and discussion of the content of my post BEFORE they post. As a result I have approached a few guys who are way smarter than I am at my local church and asked if they would consider contributing as well and they have agreed. We are currently working out the line up and the practical side if it.

2. Less is more
I have been for some time trying to move from just reposting helpful bits to writing more in depth original posts. With the writing team in place our effort will be to have between 4 to 6 original indepth posts a month in addition to posting downloads and shorter posts. Practically speaking this means that I will continue to post resources and little bits like I have been but with the goal being that there will be at least one if not more substantial orginal post a week from one of us.

Look for these changes some time around the new year.

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