Mark Olsen on Cross and Culture

Mark Olsen has written a very thought provoking blog post over at Evangel. He is working through the issue of how to respond to those who view your biblically correct, God given position is hateful or harmful. While you may not end up buying the car, so to speak, you will at least kick the tires on this one. I know that I am not fully convinced but will be thinking about the contents of this post for some time to come. The comments are also helpful in fleshing out reasons why the post may be lacking. Go take a look and decide for yourself. Click here to read it.

    • D-Rob
    • November 7th, 2009

    He makes a good “argument” and I do agree to a certain degree. I’m nervous with his language about Jesus love, humility, etc. It sounds like a Jesus hippie movement, instead of acknowledging that the Spirit of God is what creates the supernatural change within the ministry of Jesus Christ and His disciples along with those affected. I do agree, but hopefully that should lead us to the gospel and talking about heart change before God, not us saying nothing.

    I don’t think we have to rationalize or continually justify ourselves when questioned. Of course if someone asks we can always give an answer, but hopefully it will steer towards the sharing of the gospel of Christ.

    • D-Rob,
      I agree with you. I had the same troubles with his not offering the gospel in the place of rationalization and argumentation of positions. I think you use you hands to serve while your open your mouth with the gospel message of cosmic reconciliation. We need both the incarnational love of Christ and the exulted power of the risen Christ that has authority to call me to repent.

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