North to the Future

Been thinking about blogging and if and how I should do it if I do it at all. Don’t have any answers as of yet. Also have been serving my family and wrapping up school; I graduate from Arizona State in a little under two months. Being in this busy season and realizing that I have far less to say than I thought has me thinking about the future of this blog. I do know that it will continue in some form or another. I am leaning towards going to two to three posts a week that are more in depth and slowing things down a lot. I would love feed back and suggestions. Also if you have thoughts on how to do blogging well as a Christian I’m also all ears. I go back and forth on if I should be putting all of this stuff out there not being an elder or deacon or in leadership. I mean, I’m just a layman. If you have comments on any of the above I would love to hear them.

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