David Brooks Spot On

David Brooks has a spot on editorial about the current face of American conservatism and its need for a face lift. Really astute reading of the last election. Click here to read.

    • russellandduenes
    • October 3rd, 2009

    Sorry, Russ, but I couldn’t disagree more. David Brooks is mostly a lapdog for “moderate” conservatism. He’s the house “conservative” for the NY Times, which is to say, not very conservative. And he’s entirely wrong. The problem with the Republican Party, the problem that Brooks never gets, is that it is not conservative enough. Brooks reads the evidence all wrong. What he needs to do instead of looking at Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck is start looking at past elections. Whenever the Republicans have put up a moderately conservative candidate, they’ve been thoroughly humiliated. It’s when real conservatives run that elections are won. John McCain and George H.W. Bush were not real conservatives, and they lost. Reagan was a real conservative, and W. portrayed himself as a conservative (but turned out not to be one, which is partly why he ran into trouble). I will never take Brooks’ advice because he’s not a real conservative and his “sensible” conservative is anything but.

    • I knew that would be where you would land on this one. I guess I’m just not really as conservative as I thought. the thing that everyone has to keep in mind with me is that I used to be complete left wing nut job. Before my conversion I was an archo communist. I never in a million years thought I would be where I am now. I appropriate the descent. you are correct about the past few elections.

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