on Reading Large Chunks of the Bible

I’m taking an Old testament class at my church. The first Assignment was to scan the books of Moses in an hour and look for themes. So in one hour I read from Genesis to Deuteronomy. This was one of the hardest tings I’ve done because we as bible church people really like to dig in and spend three years looking at how a verb effects a clause so to read this much was hard. I found myself reading the first few words of a verse and looking for reoccurring phrases on the pages. We I finished I had to write out what I found in a page or less. Here is what I wrote;

” As I scanned the first five books of the Old Testament I saw that it was God who was the many character. I saw time and time again that not only was HE the main character but he was actively so; I saw him creating, communicating with those who he had chosen to work through, giving laws and regulations, hardening hearts, creating and multiplying Israel. Etc. God was busy. I keep seeing the phrase, “Then the Lord God.” God was moving and acting to bring the greatest good. This greatest good is highlighted by the story of Joseph. Evil happens and it is bad, but God works it for the good of not only Joseph, but the future tribes of Israel and it all works out so that God is made much of.

I also saw that God makes covenants with those whom he chooses to and then keeps them even when those He makes them with don’t keep up there end of the agreement. He swears by Himself. Time and again the patriarchs sin, the tribes sin, Moses sins but God is faithful.

Thirdly I saw that God made himself know to the tribes by telling them who to act in light of what he had already done; save them from slavery. I saw the phrases, “if you..” “but when..” this means that God hold persons responsible but also has a plan that can not be thwarted, “when you take over the land…” “If you obey my…” God’s ways are not mine.

In Short I saw an active God create, allow the fall of man promise to save them from themselves and then time after time act to bring this redemption and make much of himself all at the same time.”

I would challenge you to do this scan and see what you find.

    • Binu Jacob
    • September 26th, 2009

    Russ you are fast reader and you did a great summary in one page. I took me 10 minutes to read a chapter of Acts this morning.

    • Yeah, I understand that, but, again, what does a market segment have to do with Jesus? I mean on the flip side of this, eternally speaking, I don’t want to have to try and answer a rev 19 Jesus when he asks me why I marketed foot cream as having to do with him to make more cash.

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