No Matter How Deep your Darkness He is Deeper Still.

Signs of eternity are everywhere. I ride my bike to and from class everyday and on the way I see house after house after house. People live in those houses. I picture them 100 years from now.

In front of God.

There is so much sin and evil in the world. 800,000 people hack to death with machetes in Rwanda. 5.4 Million people in the Congo dead in the last 10 years. 50 million unborn babies murdered by their mothers in the united states. This comes on top of all of the humdrum evils of the day. My selfishness. my thoughtless words against my wife or a stranger. We are an evil people. We are all guilty. We love the darkness.

But God…

People ask me why I am so serious sometimes. When you think about a classroom full of your classmates 100 years from now I not sure how else to be. Eternity is in the balance. Pain is real, suffering is real, Hell is forever, God is good, Jesus is willing.

Today is a day of mercy. Come to Jesus.

No Matter how deep your darkness He is deeper still.

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