Guest Post; Derek Robinson Reviews The Enemy Within by Kris Lundgaard

417F56A18CL._SX160_Lundgaard has gone to great lengths to bring Owens works “Mortification of Sin and Indwelling Sin in Believers” to us in a reader friendly way. He walks through everything that Owen writes on. This is going to bring attention to two specific things: Where to look for sin and The goal of sin. Lundgaard starts by helping us to understand that sin is within us and that the fight is at war in our hearts. One of the things to constantly remind yourself of while you are reading this book is Christ crucified and that coming to faith in Jesus only is the answer to battle against this enemy. This is a smaller version of what John Owen went in depth about within “The Mortification of Sin”, but Owen is much tougher to read so if you would like a good starting point to wage war against the flesh aim here.

“We carry around our worse enemy every single day, and it’s the person we trust the most” Also he helps to bring about what the design of sin likes to do, “Sin wants us to forget our call to holiness and just remember that we have been redeemed. It draws our attention to a redeemer in that Christ has paid for our sins, but not a Savior in that Christ has freed us from sin. Sin wants to look lovely, peaceful, and caring to all of us!”

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  1. This is THE BEST BOOK that I have ever read on the Saint’s war against sin. It describes the enemy, his devices and most importantly the strategy to be used that one might come out victoriously.

    This is not a book for the ‘Reformed Christian’ who is gloating on the obedience which Christ gave to God on behalf of His people, but wants nothing to do with that obedience which the Lord requires from those whom He has redeemed. Yes, there are those who preach a lot of doctrine, often on Justification, but life conduct (Sanctification) receives the scantiest notice. It is not too much to say that they seem to be afraid of the very word “duty.” The Preceptive part of the Word of God is for the most part completely ignored!

    Here is a quote from a series of “Meditations on the Preceptive part of the Word of God” by J. C. Philpot. Note that these were not the casual and careless utterances of the pulpit, but the deliberate and studied products of his pen. In his first article on the precepts of the Word of God, Mr. Philpot said:

    “It is almost become a tradition in some churches professing the doctrines of grace to disregard the precepts and pass them by in a kind of general silence.”

    This declaration was sadly true, for the charge preferred characterized the greater part of his own ministry and applied to the preachers in his own denomination. That Mr. Philpot was fully aware of this sad state of affairs is clear from his following quote:

    “Consider this point, ye ministers, who Lord’s day after Lord’s day preach nothing but doctrine, doctrine, doctrine; and ask yourselves whether the same Holy Spirit who revealed the first three chapters of the epistle to the Ephesians did not also reveal the last three? Is not the whole epistle equally inspired, a part of that Scripture of which we read, “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works” (2 Timothy 3:16, 17)? How, then, can you be “a man of God perfect” (that is, complete as a minister) and “thoroughly furnished unto all good works,” if you willfully neglect any part of that Scripture which God has given to be profitable to you, and to others by you?… Can it be right, can it be safe, can it be Scriptural, to treat all this fullness and weight of precept with no more attention than an obsolete Act of Parliament”?

    To the same effect, he declared:

    “To despise, then, the precept, to call it legal and burdensome, is to despise not man, but God, who hath given unto us His Holy Spirit in the inspired Scriptures for our faith and obedience…. Nothing more detects hypocrites, purges out loose professors, and fans away that chaff and dust which now so thickly covers our barn floors than an experimental handling of the precept. A dry doctrinal ministry disturbs no consciences. The loosest professors may sit under it, nay, be highly delighted with it, for it gives them a hope, if not a dead confidence, that salvation being wholly of grace they shall be saved whatever be their walk of life. But the experimental handling of the precept cuts down all this and exposes their hypocrisy and deception”

    It is disastrous that such cogent arguments have carried little weight and that the precepts are still sadly neglected by many of the Lord’s servants!

    [The above is quoted from A.W. Pink’s – ‘The Doctrine of Man’s Impotence’]

    This book ‘The Enemy Within’ will surely challenge and motivate the true Child of God to arise from his slumber and once again put on the ‘Whole Armour of God’ and wage a relentless war against SIN!

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