Why You Should Read… A.W. Pink!

DEAD GUY #2 is… A.W. Pink!200px-ArthurPink

this dead guy hasn’t been dead all that long but is dead nonetheless and worth reading.  He was born in 1886 became a christian at the age of 22 in 1908. spent 2 months at Moody Bible and then went to pastor a church in Colorado. he hoped around living in Britain, the U.S. and finally in Austria. during his life he didn’t have the name rec he does now. The current love for his works are in large part due to the reprinting of his works by Banner of truth trust after his death.

So that is who he was but why read him. Because the guy loved the lord, his word and the sovereignty of God displayed in His word. I have been personally effected by his writings. So has my wife.  And many of my friends. His work on the attributes of God is timeless and a most helpful introduction to who God is. I would recommend that if you are familiar with Pink to start with Attributes of God.

Works By Pink For Free in PDF Format:

Attributes of God

Seven Sayings of the Saviour

Sovereignty of God

Spiritual Union and Communion

Profiting from the Word

Comfort for Christians

Heroes of Faith– an exposition of Hebrews 11.

Studies in the Scriptures published Studies in the Scriptures without interruption from 1922 to 1953. Following his death in 1952, his wife Vera supervised the publication of the remaining Studies until the last issue in 1953. Each issue of the Studies normally included six to eight articles; each article addressed a different topic or book of Scripture, which ran as a series over several issues. Sustaining single-handedly this volume of in-depth Biblical exposition over his lifetime is a testimony to the grace of God upon his labors. Click here to download them all for free.

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