Why You Should Read…

this is the first post in a series on theological reading. I want to spend some time and highlight some authors,2132739394_a464d97c42sets of authors, types of writings and specific works that I feel are noteworthy. Today to start stuff off I want to draw your attention to DEAD GUYS. You know, those guys who aren’t living and writing in our current day. Here is why reading the dead is helpful; if you can still get you hands on a copy of something that was published 100 or 250 or 400 years ago it has been tested by time. Not only do you get the work in question but however many years of commentary on that work. So read dead guys. I plan on spending the next few days and weeks highlighting some dead guys that are either famous and everyone sites and all of your favorite pastors read or Dead Guys who you may have over looked. I plan on concluding this series by having a day in which you, the readers of this blog, can comment on anyone you feel should have made the list but didn’t. But for now read the time tested works of DEAD GUYS!

  1. Amen! I agree wholeheartedly… the works of those that gone on before us and their work here on earth lives on. Looking forward to seeing which books you mention.

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