Guest Post; Derek Robinson Reviews Atheism Remixed

This is a really quick read, definitely a solid book that I would recommend to all Christians. This book brings our attention to the new face of atheimohlsm. (hence the title the New Atheists). This group has four heads that are basically behind all of it: Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennet, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. They are after the collapse of theism, especially Christianity, and replacing it with evolution and naturalism as the only lens to view the world. This is what they feel will bring freedom to humans. Mohler will provide what they believe and why we as Christians must stand oppose and do it well. The only thing lacking from this book is purpose of the gospel in all of it. It will tell you the flaws in the arguments and how to overcome many of the lies that the New Atheists adhere to but it will not save anybody. Refuting points and being an intellectual never saved anybody. I really would have liked to see Mohler incorporate that they will only be saved by the gospel.

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  1. Hi, I’m curious about the “lies” you say the so-called New Atheists adhere to. What would those be?

    • Will pass this question on to the writer. thanks for asking. addtionally, I would recommend reading mohler’s book or listening to the addresses he gave that were the genesis for the book. Thanks again for asking,it is a good clarifying question.

      • Derek
      • July 9th, 2009

      Thank you for your comment and question. The lies that I was speaking about that Al Mohler brings to attention include: New Atheist come to examine Christianity with the presupposition that all things within the universe can be explained through materialism. Because of this anything in which they can not understand or define scientifically can not be held as a true position. So in turn, the authority within their life is going to be science and that it is the only absolute authority over all of creation. When I say lies, I’m basically meaning the outlook on life and the manner in which they go about process evidence and data through the lens of science as the high authority. Everything else that the four big heads of the New Atheist movement adhere to and teach stem from this same focal point of science being the ultimate authority. Does that help answer your question some? What are your thoughts?

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