odds and ends

A Ruling that Rebukes Racial Preferences and Sotomayor.

From Forbes; great recap of a recent supreme court decision that reversed a lower court decision by Sotomayor .Click here to read.

Canadian Look at the Recession.

Short and sweet editorial from the Financial Post. Click here to read.

9 Marks E-journal on Missions.

Well worth the read, article on Business people and missions is a great read. Click here to read.

  1. Russ, here’s a quote I thought you might like from C.S. Lewis (though you may already be familiar with it).

    “We reduce things to mere Nature in order that we may “conquer” them…But as soon as we take the final step of reducing our own species to the level of mere Nature, the whole process is stultified, for this time the being who stood to gain and the being who has been sacrificed are one and the same.” -The Abolition of Man

    Gets you thinking about abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, IVF, and the like, eh!

    • I wasn’t aware of that quote, man, it is really good. it DOES get me thinking about abortion and the like. thanks for sharing it. C.S. gets me every time.

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