Book Review; Christian Beliefs By Wayne Grudem

Christian Beliefs by Grudem was a great read. It is a collection of 20 0310255996mbeliefs that every Christian should know. Each of the 20 sections is short and sweet yet loaded with biblical truth and well reasoned from the bible. Elliot Grudem, Wayne’s son did a great job editing the systematic down into this work. It hits all the major doctrines and covers them well. Grudem allows the Word of God to speak and develops his theology off of the word instead of the other way around. This was breath of fresh air to me.

I would like to highlight another reason I loved it and recommend it so highly; it’s devotional nature. This isn’t a text book. It is a short work that simply explains from the bible what God has reveal of on a given topic. Because the bible is so much in the foreground of this work, as you read it the word ministers to your soul. It must be acknowledged that at times Grudem does state his opinion on a contested issue in a sentence or two where thousands of pages of debate have written, but again as you read you must keep in mind that this is a summation of the larger Systematic Theology he has written and you can go and look at his reasoning there. But the devotional nature more than makes up for the brevity of the work.

I would recommend this book to all Christians but especially to a newer Christian who wants to learn about God in a Systematic way but not need a dictionary to understand what they are reading. Additionally this work could and I encourage you to try it out, to be as a daily supplement to you bible reading during your devotional time. Spending 20 days doing a fly over of Systematic theology without getting bogged down with so many of the debates that surround theological reading. Grudem allows the word to speak, where it speaks loudly he does on that given topic, where it is less clear he takes a softer line and for this he is to be much respected.

Lastly, Zondervan did a great job with the layout and overall design of this book. The cover is visually appealing and well designed. I found the juxtaposition of the background photos stunning. Good binding as well (nothing more shameful than a paperback that falls apart).
Click here to get your copy of Christian Beliefs: Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know

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