Odds and Ends

We Need a Public Health Plan

ROBERT REICH writes a compelling argument in favor of a public health plan in the Wall Street Journal. Click here to read.

Something for Nothing

David Brooks Writing in the New York Times weighs in on the health care reform debate. Click here to read.

    • jf
    • July 10th, 2009

    Taking the word ‘Fair’ out of the term Laissez Fair, eh? This goes against checks and balances, the government already has too much say in the legality involve with medical affairs as it is. The worst part about all this is that governments, all of them, have a gambling problem and keep gambling their money away on the risky bets. If the … Read More government weren’t there to bail itself out with everybody elses money, which is what it does, then it would be doing time in prison for running up multitrillion dollar debts.

      • tim b
      • July 10th, 2009

      The government has essentially no control over the for profit health-insurance industry. Isn… Read More’t it ironic that health Insurance companies make their money from not doing exactly what they’re suppose to do, mainly, insuring sick people? Insurance companies make their money by systemically prohibiting the acceptance of persons with pre-existing illness, and then constantly go through their own patients’ records to see where costs can be cut by claiming un-necessary or un-covered forms of care ineligible.

      A public-healthcare plan is almost the biggest stimulus for private insurers we can imagine! Insurers can just stop serving all those pesky sick people, letting the public option worry about them, and stick to doing what they do best, mainly, making a buck.

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