We’re Gonna Play a Song That You’ve Heard Before

I was listening to a C.J. Mahany sermon and kinda rolled my eyes because it was on a topic he has covered. Alot. He was preaching on the cross; the scream of the damned from the cross to be exact (I am working my way through the sessions from the NEXT conference). I was like I heard this one before. Then the spirit reminded me that I needed to here it again. You see Mahany started the sermon off with the following;

“Dear friends I am going to preach to you again upon the cornerstone of the gospel. How many times will this make, I wonder? The doctrine of Christ crucified is always with me. As the Romans sentinel in Pompeii stood to his post even when the city was destroyed, so do I…every thing else can wait, but this one truth must be proclaimed with a voice of thunder. Others may preach as they will but as for this pulpit it shall always resound with the substitutions of the Christ…Our blessed Savior would have us hold his death in great reverence; it is to be our chief memory we cannot think of that death too often.” – Charles Spurgeon

Some from Spurgeon’s church believed that they knew all they needed to know about the gospel. Some perhaps are present this day with indifference towards the gospel, having grown up in the church, having heard the message of Christ preached countless times.

If we are indifferent to this message, or even tempted to be indifferent to the message of the cross we would be wise to heed the message of Mr. Spurgeon. We cannot think of his death too often because in this life his death is a matter of first importance. Scripture is gloriously redundant on this topic. And if you are a Christian, you will not cease to think and to glory in his death and the life to come. Heaven is never indifferent to the cross, it never gets tired of the cross. We will never cease to praise Christ for his death. We are never done with the cross, nor ever shall be.

We cannot think of that death too often. Everything else can wait.”


Prayed that God would Change my heart and allow me to learn and change from the gospel that Mahaney was about to preach to my through my head phones and I asked God that he would change my thinking my actions, and my words as a result. A half hour or so later as I was getting off the bus my heart had so change that I was looking around for another rider exiting to talk with about what I had just heard as we walked across the parking lot together.

Let us work hard to bring our hard hearts to the Gospel and the Cross and Jesus and look a fresh on it all.

    • shag
    • June 24th, 2009

    “We are never done with the cross, nor ever shall be.” The terminus of history should always be in front of us. What great perspective b/c when I have been in heaven for 40K years, I will STILL not be done with the cross.

    God thank you for the cross…

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