Resolved 2009 and Your Life in 6 Months

The resolved conference was recently held in Palm Springs, CA. As is the norm a large portion of my church headed over to the conference and by all accounts it was a tremendous encouragement to them. Due to my summer course load I was unable to attend. What I was able to do is twofold;

  1. Listen to the audio. Having attended the conference in the past I can attest to the quality of the teaching. Below you will find the links for the audio downloads of each session. I would highly recommend that you download and listen to them all.
  1. Ask those that went, “so what will resolved be to you in 6 months?” So in light of that I ask those of you who were there or who have listened to the audio, “ what one thing did you learn and/or impacted you the most?” and “ What do you hope this knowledge will do in your life in 6 months; what will the difference of having heard these things make on your life?”

I would love for you to comment and answer these questions. Let us remember the warning that James gave us. Let us not forget what we look like. I am looking forward to seeing what you all learned and how you hope it will change you.

The War Against Your Soul Rick Holland

Blessed Bankruptcy Steve Lawson

Who’s Really at Work? C.J. Mahaney

Blessed Purity Steve Lawson

A Theology of Creation John MacArthur

God’s Sovereignty Over Satan’s Fall John Piper

A Biblical Strategy For Fighting Sexual Sin Rick Holland

The Sanctifying Shepherd John MacArthur

The Troubled Soul C.J. Mahaney

How Sin Serves the Glory of Christ John Piper

  1. Ok, so I’m still chewing on everything from Resolved but I think the greatest thought out of Resolved was again seeing from lofty perspectives the centrality of Christ in all things, including our sin (and our redemption from it). This always brings fresh hope and encouragement in my daily grind against sin! We are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, not with frustration and exasperation, because it is Christ who has worked in us to loose the bonds of sin and death, and continues to work in us to bring us into His glorious likeness. And in that I have hope that He will perfect the good work He has begun – because it is has already been set before the foundation of the world that I should be holy and blameless before God! Oh, what glorious hope we have in Christ!

    • D-Rob
    • June 24th, 2009

    I guess I’ll be next to through in two cents. In Matthew 10:37 Jesus states, “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.” This was not preached on but it was referenced to in Steve Lawson’s sermon when he was speaking about those that are poor in spirit. Poor in spirit is what he termed as “Spiritual Bankruptcy” and therefore we do not possess anything spiritual within us, we can not earn something before God, and we have nothing to offer before God. We have nothing at all. When Lawson spoke about this and tied in how we can have no possessions that we prize higher than Jesus Christ, God Himself, in order to be blessed by Him it made me think of Christ commitment to the Father throughout eternity.
    For me, nothing strikes my soul harder than looking at the relationships within the Trinity. The fact that Christ commands us to have no possession higher then Him means that He has no possession higher than Himself, i.e. God. Christ is absolutely committed to the Father beyond any person to every live, and that is the reason in which He is unshakably committed to us as believers. If Christ did not love the Father and treasure Him more than anything else in the world, the love that has been bestowed on us from the Father through the Son to His church would not exist. Without Jesus Christ commitment to Himself, we would have no gospel!
    Piper usually speaks of this as being the God-Centeredness of God. In that He is always fixated on Himself and His supreme glory, because He is the only being that is all satisfying and worth glory. Therefore, by Him doing all things to the praise of His own glory we get to reap the benefits in how He displays that, which is through those that are poor in spirit and come to Christ broken and bankrupt of everything, desiring nothing else in the world except the all satisfying treasure, our Triune God.

    • D-Rob
    • June 24th, 2009

    Sorry, one other thing as well (I love Resolved and think everyone who has ever heard of it should go! I don’t care what you believe in).

    Also, Johnnie Mac’s second sermon of the purpose of a pastor open my eyes to what a pastors role is within the church ACCORDING TO SCRIPTURE! It’s one of those things that you think you know what it is about but I really had no clue or at least wouldn’t be able to provide any biblical reference for it. I really did appreciate his sermon, and how it applies is thankfully God for the church body with the elders and deacons that we currently have who care about people. They love the brothers and they love the church. They want to see people love God and fight sin, and that is the main priority. I love our body and I praise God for the opportunity to praise and worship in community which many elsewhere do not.

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