Reaching Your Toddler, Social Networking, the Local Church and the Power of Redeemed Community

A few months ago posted a blog post from Desiring God on how to preach the gospel to your kids on facebook. I tagged a lot of the parents I know in my local church. They in turned commented on the list and added to it. I found there additions noteworthy and a helpful expansion of the original post. additionally, I was amazed and thankful for the what god has allowed me to be a part of by being an involved member of a local church. Below is the full exchange.

7 Ideas for Teaching Toddlers God’s Word
May 1, 2009 | By: Abraham Piper
Category: Commentary, Children Desiring God, Conferences

Adapted from a handout at the CDG seminar “Nursery and Toddler Ministry: Preparing the Littlest Ones to Stand on Truth.” Audio will be available within the month.

1. Have an open Bible on your lap during story time. This reinforces where the story comes from—God’s word.

2. Use short sentences and few words. Too many words overwhelm young minds.

3. Be animated in your facial expressions and tone of voice. This will help keep children engaged.

3. Incorporate movement into the story and singing. Children this age need to move their bodies. Movement helps them learn and remember what you’re teaching them.

4. Create routines during the story/circle times by using songs, finger plays, etc.

5. Use repetition to cement biblical concepts in children’s hearts and minds.

6. Keep it short and sweet. A story time of 5-10 minutes is the maximum children this age can attend to and sit for.

MK: 8. ask questions, ask questions, ask questions

MK: 9. preach the Gospel in as many different ways as you know. If you don’t know that many ways, learn more.

AW: Thanks Russ! 10. don’t attempt to teach at nap time. 🙂

JM: Sweet! Add prayer to that.

BC: I thought of this note this morning. I had a stunning reminder of how, even at sixteen months, my kids are really smart when Joshua found his stuffed cat right away and brought it to me when I asked for it. I kept this in mind as I was sharing the gospel with them while they were in their high chairs at breakfast. When I got to the meat of it, I… leaned in and spoke in soft, more hushed tones. They had been distracted up until then, but at that point they got quiet and very focused. They were looking at me like they knew I was really saying something important.

RH: I came across this and thought of this note:

Stuart Briscoe said, “When our children were small and we were trying to teach them to pray, we had three kinds of prayer: ‘Please prayers,’ ‘Thank you prayers,’ and ‘Sorry prayers.'”

I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the local church and the community it allows you to have with the rest of the body of Christ. How much wisdom and insight, not o mention love and chances to serve are lost when we disconnect ourselves for the body of Christ in a local context?Let us not sell ourselves and more importantly, the Lord short.

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