Odds and Ends (5/17-5/22)

Abortion and Torture

READ OF THE WEEK. Great editorial about the argues the left and right both us to justify the abuse of rights; the right with security in mind, the left with personal freedom in mind. Click here to read.

the Shift in Political Party Identification

Great read on the shifting electorate. I got all nerdy with the graphs they provided. Click here to take a look.

The Feds in Business: An Exit Strategy

provocative read on what the federal government should be doing with its new found economic buying power. While I am not on board with everything advocated here, I found it to be an insightful read and a thoughtful attempt at policy formation. Click here to read.

Domino Theory and the War on Terror

Really enjoyed this article from the Australian on how domino theory applies to the current state of affairs globally in relationship to Islamic extremism. Click here to read.

Plumbline Collective Mixtape featuring iSix:5

This is a FREE mixtape that some Guys who MC at my Church put out with some brothers in Atlanta. This is some of the better hiphop I’ve heard in a long time. Click here to get your Copy!
Plumbline collective site
iSix:5 site

    • shag
    • May 23rd, 2009

    Just a thought about the shifting electorate piece: The Republican Party is starting to betray it’s platform, rethinking its position on gay marriage is a good example. As the GOP shifts with the current social/political climate, people are going to drift…

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