Finding Joy in the Pain

This past Monday, I woke up with an extreme headache. I get really bad, put you on your back in a dark, dark room migraines about once a month if not more. I always respond by praying. In addition to praying that the pain would go away and that it wouldn’t feel like someone was trying to pull my eyeball out with a spoon, I pray two things; Pray that prayers  of praise for reminding me that I am not him. God doesn’t get headaches, or need to lie in the dark, I mean come on He IS light. The other prayer I pray is a prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus being able to sympathize with me in this suffering. My God knows what this is like. All of this Monday led me to some of the sweetest effectual communion with God I’ve had in sometime. When we ask God to give us closeness I doubt many of us think he will use hours of pain to do it, but he sometimes does. I have been wondering how much joy and how many blessings we are missing by rejecting the trails God gives us out of hand. How many times do we simply grit our teeth and hold on in hopes it will be over soon? What would happen if we save the beauty in the pain or at least took a lead from Jesus and obeyed and suffered, despising it so he could get to the joy. I am not saying that we should become ascetics and go looking for pain as a means to get to God. What I am saying is that we ought to see that God has set up a pattern of suffering in the life of the believer to draw him closer to him, so when trail comes let us draw near and Love the giver and not the gifts. Let’s not miss what God is trying to give us in the process of sufferings and trails. There is a lot of joy in the pain.

    • ahoober
    • May 21st, 2009

    amen! let us rejoice in our trials as Christians, so we can honor God, show the world who He is, and find pure joy in Him.

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