Can we trust the 66 Books of the Bible?

    • russellandduenes
    • May 20th, 2009

    I agree with Piper, as I am a presuppositionalist in most respects. But it is interesting that what he’s saying is basically the same thing the Mormons say when they talk about the truth of the Book of Mormon. They encourage you to read it and get the “burning in the bosom.” Of course they have problems on the “objective basis” side of things that the Bible doesn’t have. Yet I think there are many Christians who would argue that Piper is arguing in a circle.

    • You raise a great point! I think it is important to note that Piper also argue in addition to the spiritual meeting of Jesus in the pages there is an objective truth be hind the bible that is lacking in say the book of Mormon. In light of this I agree that the Mormon says these same things, but would draw the distinction that they are making a false statement and the Christian in making the same statement about a different book is true due to the self authentication of that book. Yes in appearance the Mormon makes the same argument, But I believe he or she to be intellectually dishonest in doing so. Do you see what I am?

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