Odds and Ends From the week (4/27-5/1)

We Will Regret ‘Post-American’ Outcome

best read of the week on what is happening to the U.S. in regard to the possibility of a “Post-American” world. A must read. Click here to read.

Tortuous Compromise

thought provoking editorial on torture. Well argued and overall seems to be a helpful addition to the debate. NOTE: I do not support or oppose this position; I’m just putting this out here because it got my gears turning. Click here to read.

Long Term Trouble for the Republicans

Great editorial from RealClearPolitics.com on the fate of the G.O.P. This one is really worth the read! Click here to read.

Environmentalist Make-Believe

Great read on what the green revolution will really cost us. While I am not opposed to green living I am opposed to not being told how much things will cost the tax payer. Click here to read.

After Souter: Will Obama Move the Court?

Good blog post about Souter stepping down from the Supreme Court and if Obama will reshape the way it looks. Click here to read. Also of interest is this post at NPR.org on the same topic. Click here to listen or read it.

Africa’s Untold Success Story

Article by Tony Blair in the Guardian on Sierra Leone’s recovery following its civil war. remarkable turn around and it is always fun to read what world leaders and former ones have to say about things. Check it out here.

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    • russellandduenes
    • May 11th, 2009

    Like the piece on a post-American world. Bush has done his share to bring it about, but not it’s full speed ahead as Obama does obeisance to foreign leaders. The problem is, the people who are driving this country into the ground won’t be around to see it come to full flower.

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