On the nature of God, Our Mind’s Limitation to Know Him Fully and the Glory God Recieves of this Limitation

We are to elevate and refine all our notions of God, and spiritualize our conceptions of Him. Every man is to have a conception of God and therefore he ought to have one of the highest elevation. Since we cannot have a full notion of Him, we should endeavor to make it as high and as pure as we can. Though we cannot conceive of God without some corporeal representations or images in our minds, yet our conceptions of Him must rise higher. As when we see the earth in a globe, or a kingdom in a map, it helps our conceptions, but does not terminate them; we conceive of them to be of a vast extent, far beyond that short description of them. So we should endeavor to refine every representation of God, to rise higher and higher, and have our apprehensions still more purified; separating the perfect from the imperfect, casting away the one, and greatening the other. Conceive Him to be a Spirit diffused through all, containing all, perceiving all. All the perfections of God are infinitely elevated above the excellencies of the creatures; above whatsoever can be conceived by the clearest and most piercing understanding. The nature of God as a Spirit is infinitely superior to whatsoever we can conceive perfect in the notion of a created spirit. Whatsoever God is, He is infinitely so: He is infinite Wisdom, infinite Goodness, infinite Knowledge, infinite Power, infinite Spirit; infinitely distant from the weakness of creatures, infinitely mounted above the excellencies of creatures: as easy to be known that He is, as impossible to be comprehended what He is. Conceive of Him as excellent without any imperfection; a Spirit without parts; great without quantity; perfect without quality; everywhere without place; powerful without members; understanding without ignorance; wise without reasoning; light without darkness; infinitely more excelling the beauty of all creatures, than the light in the sun, pure and unviolated, exceeds the splendor of the sun dispersed and divided through a cloudy and misty air: and when you have risen to the highest, conceive Him yet infinitely above all you can conceive of spirit, and acknowledge the infirmity of your own minds. And whatsoever conception comes into your minds, say, “This is no God; God is more than this. If I could conceive Him, He would not be God, for God is incomprehensibly above whatsoever I can say, whatsoever I can think and conceive of Him. – Stephen Charnock

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