Submitting All things to Him; Using our Minds in the Service of the Gospel

False ideas are the greatest obstacles to the reception of the gospel. —J. Gresham Machen

If this previous statement by J. Gresham Machen is true, and it is, what is the remedy? Again, let us turn to the words of Machen for help. He writes, “The Christian religion flourishes not in the darkness but in the light. Intellectual slothfulness is but a quack remedy for unbelief; the true remedy is consecration of intellectual power to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

That’s it! We need to use our minds to counter false thinking to bring glory to Christ and answers to those asking questions of the Christian Worldview. While apologetics saves no one, understanding the cultural thinking and its objections to Christ while at the same time maintaining a humble orthodox view of God, Sin, The Scriptures and most importantly, The Gospel, will lead us to study not only the Bible, which being the word of God is where we get our authority, but also the cultural thinking of our day.

We study the culture not to learn some new way of doing things or to find out what portions of our faith is objectionable so we can jettison it like the emergent church has. No, we study culture and philosophy to become all things to all men so as to win some for Christ. This is not an easy thing to do but we must use all of what God has given us; our hearts, our hands, and our heads. Simply put we learn about the objections so that we may reason and contend for the faith, resting on the authority of the bible, and trusting God to Save sinners in light of our intellectual short comings and little faith.

  1. Well said! My experience in the average church is that apologetics is either viewed as a weapon to beat down opponents or a purely intellectual discipline that has no value among the “spiritual” who just “love” Jesus.

    • russellandduenes
    • April 17th, 2009

    Great point. This strikes at the heart of what I do, namely, Christian education. Many of my students have not internalized the notion that we should consecrate our intellects to Christ, and in so doing, do the best, more rigorous thinking we can. I hope to change this in some small measure, by God’s grace.

    • Whether your students recognize it or not, we all live from the inside out. What we think matters and our world view contains the rails upon which all of our lives run. We do what we value and our values are rooted in what we think and what we think is grounded in our beliefs. Blessings on your efforts!

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