Americans Still Hate the GOP…for Now.

The latest New York Times poll reports that 63% of Americans approve of how Obama is handling the economic crisis and 61% of Americans support how he is conducting his foreign policy. The question is  how long will this trend continue?
What we need to remember is that he has only been president for 11 weeks. To completely frank, what the polling data says won’t really matter for another 9 months. Right around then the effects of the stimulus package should be, according to the Obama administration,  in full effect. The stimulus is the indicator for the midterm elections in 2010. If it works the GOP is going to have to go underground for a few years and figure out who they are as a party, because if the stimulus works the only thing the Republicans will know is who they are  not able to be; they can’t be neo con war hawks and they can’t be fiscally conservative if they want to win elections.
If it works. If. If it doesn’t work the republicans have given voters options at the polls in 2010. By voting no to the man on the stimulus, the house GOP has bet against Obama. So all this news that the GOP is in disarray and that they have no message I think, while somewhat true, the panic that has accompanied it is in my mind a bit premature. If things turn around economically the GOP will need to spend some time in exile, wondering in the desert of public disdain, looking for a way to win again. But, if and when the stimulus fails to bring the economic recovery that Obama has promised, we will see what the polls look like then.

    • stevemacgregor
    • April 7th, 2009

    Has the President actually promised that the economy will turn around in less than two years? I thought he cautioned patience – a rather adult virtue we haven’t seen in the white House for awhile now.
    Hmm….I could get used to this.


  1. Fair enough, you raise a good point. He has asked for more time. However he and treasury has said that the effect should be felt by the end the year, beginning of 2010, so if things are turning around by the midterms, the stimulus will be a political disaster. I say political disaster because the stimulus package may end up working in the long run but will lack the political capitol electorally to help him any. we’ll just have to wait and see. It would be great if all this spent money had the effect of righting the economy, I would love to see that, I just don’t want to hold my breath on this one out of fear of passing out. Thanks again for raising a great point.

  2. Amen, Bro. It’s only a matter of time until the “sleeping giant” wakes up! BTW, thanks for the comment! ~GOD Is STILL In Control!

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