on Heart Devotions and Head Study

I would like to share a blogpost that John Piper made on the desiring God website that hits so close to my heart and my thinking about the Christian life, the unwasted life and why this blog exists. Here is Piper in his own words:
“This is a plea that all of you would build into your lives both personal devotions and purposeful study of God’s word.


Daily prayerful meditation seeking personal application of God’s word to your own heart and life.


Regular study in a class or with a book where the (living or dead) teacher has seen more than you have and can give you insight in 30 minutes that might otherwise take you ten years to see.

The reason I plead for both is that without a book or a class about what some part of the Bible means and a teacher who is ahead of you, your devotions will probably flatten out at a low level of insight.

Year after year you will go over the same biblical ground and find it as perplexing as before. There will be little advance in understanding. This will tend to take the heart out of devotional reading, because the lack of growth cannot sustain the joy.

Seek out preaching, books, and classes which take you further in grasping what various books and texts in the Bible mean.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Piper and in large part the reason this blog exists is to provides a place to do just what he is talking about; heartfelt devotion rooted in the word of God and head study from history for the benefit of contemporary man. Let us think hard on the Bible and what it has for us, and let us use all of our mind and the help of history to arrive at the correct conclusions. So often I hear one of these principles lifted high at the expense of the other, let us do both, use our hearts to search the word and our minds to do the same, with help from those who have walked before us in humble orthodoxy . Click here to view the DG post.

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